Sheryl Nicholson CSP

Sheryl Nicholson CSP started her professional career selling pots and pans door-to-door and became “Southeast Sales Champion.” She graduated from pots and pans into real estate and sold homes and advanced to building communities as VP of Sales, increasing business 330% within 90 days!
As a single mom of four, she started her entrepreneurial journey with $250 and a drive and determined mindset to become a sought after international speaker, an author and an advocate for the causes she is passionate for. The speaking led to her becoming known as “Bottom Line Oriented” and “Results Focused.” Her coaching client list includes business owners, sales people, and those who want to have more impact with their words.
Sheryl publishes her expertise in some of these notable books and magazines: Inc., Success, Entrepreneur, The Communication Coach, Health Access, Parents, YM, The Working women’s Bill of Rights, Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul and many, many more.

About the Author


Professional Speaker and Author inspiring others to advance and thrive through change. I am a Killing Fields Survivor.