Mona Giordano

Mona Giordano has been an entrepreneur for more than 32 years. She and her husband, Peter own the Pest Control General Store and The Direct Connection CoWorking, in Holiday, Florida. After a near death experience, of liver and kidney failure in 2010, Mona received a liver transplant and a new lease on life. She knew there had to be more to life than “rats and roaches,” and she embarked on a journey to find her God-ordained calling. She soon discovered that when she shared her life story about how she got to the place of needing a new liver, as a result of drug addiction and alcoholism, people were moved and touched tremendously. She had found her calling as an Inspirational Speaker and writer. As Mona reluctantly learned how to do the social media marketing for all of her businesses and her ministry, a new gift and calling evolved, quite by accident. Other ladies, Mona’s age started taking notice of her posts and began calling Mona to help them overcome their fear, overwhelm and frustration of learning social media. She is dedicated to helping women thrive, whether that is in life circumstances or in business marketing…she offers hope and victory.

About the Author


Professional Speaker and Author inspiring others to advance and thrive through change. I am a Killing Fields Survivor.