Mary Ellen Hastings

Mary Ellen Hastings is known for coaching and mentoring ambitious women, helping them reach their desired level in business as well as in their personal lives.
Mary Ellen has successfully built and led two multi-million dollar teams in the direct selling industry. She is highly skilled at recruiting, sales, team building, and leadership development. Mary Ellen strongly believes in the necessity of personal growth as one climbs the ladder of success and she makes that a part of what she shares with others. Mary Ellen will be your guide and mentor as you build the business of your dreams.
Mary Ellen’s entire life has been an adventure in personal growth and she loves teaching simple and practical skills to others which can be used for a lifetime and shared with team members and family.
Mary Ellen’s signature program is called Million Dollar Woman – Become Your Best Self. She will help you increase your confidence as you:
1. Recognize your specific gifts and talents
2. Overcome mindset blocks and limiting beliefs
3. Enjoy learning and using new business and life skills
4. Overcome hurdles, conquer fears, and keep moving ahead
5. Identify and live your values for a life of no regrets
Group programs available on request include: Overcoming Limiting Beliefs, More YOU Time, Detoxing Your Mind, and Marriage Enrichment.

About the Author


Professional Speaker and Author inspiring others to advance and thrive through change. I am a Killing Fields Survivor.